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"The world is full of magical ideas, patiently waiting for their chance to grow."

—Adapted from W.B. Yeats

A Story.

Once upon a time the worlds of two creative people who love to grow things (including but not limited to gardens, works of art, book collections,  mountains of outdoor adventure equipment, and even the surprise of tiny humans along the way) collided and fused into a love of growing things together. There was a dog and a mythical waterfall involved, but that’s a story for a different day.

We love creating and designing for our clients and to make sure our creative energy is replenished, we find balance in fresh air escapes. Often they are in the exploration of this glorious place we call home — Oregon. LOVE Oregon! Daily they are in the little slice of paradise we have created right outside of our door: our back yard.

Our back yard is lush with vegetables, flowers, trees, plants, and some things we confess we can’t identify. Each year the cardoons (pictured above) come back they are bigger and quite possibly plotting a world takeover. I’m sure we’ll be in good hands…fronds? They are beautiful and along with other flowering plants create a happy haven for many species of bees.

Adam built our greenhouse (also pictured above) from repurposed materials. It’s charming and one of the coolest things you’ll ever see. Birds love to hang out on its roof from which they dive bomb the bursting compost bins and hop into the birds baths. Yes, plural. We like birds.

In addition to our back yard being a haven for us, birds, bees, and wiggly things in the compost bins, it is the home of a sweetheart of a cat abandoned by people who moved away (she’s never been happier) and multiple squirrels.

It was while watering our back yard, barefoot in the grass, glass of wine in hand, smiling at all of the things that grow and thrive and admiring our greenhouse that we realized that growing things is our passion whether in our back yard of the gardens our our minds.

And that’s the story of how cardoons and a greenhouse relate to design + web + marketing as well as the story of our name.

Shery Rice & Adam Trickey
Nice People Who Try to Do Good Things


Keep planting seeds. Be good to each other out there.

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